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Missives from PsionicVmp
(Note, these are NOT going into effect... for Archival purposes only.)
Old UAC Guide Version 1.9

Subj: A Treasonist Strikes
Date: 6/2/98 2:54:35 AM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

It always saddens me when people fail to understand the beauty of Democracy. In our system, if you don't like something that's going on, you tell me, and I propose it to the Congress. Quick, simple, gets the job done peacefully.

Then, there are those who react with ignorance, unfairness, and hate. One of these people is XTeepoX. Allow me to show you various quotes that he's spoken:

"... the UAC is dead"

"... the age of the Forum and the reign of PsionicVmp is over"

"... or the world will fall down around you.... ~smiles~"

Need I go on? He goes on to threaten us with revolution, destruction, and death. When I mentioned the gravity of his words, he mearly mocked me, laughed, and threatened me again. When I warned him that treason results in a Congressional Vote to possibly remove your Guild, he laughed and withdrew his Guild on his own.

This man has threatened to kill me, to destroy the UAC, and he has no shame in flaunting that. He even admits that we've never done anything to offend him. He admits that I always treated him with kindness, honor, and respect. Yet, he still commits treason. There must be no tolerance for people like him.

Treason is not a light charge, and it must NOT be tolerated. An example must be made. War must be declared. Ladies and Gentlemen of the UAC, if we allowed men like X Teepo X to go unpunished, then the chaos and corruption that is slowing gripping RhyDin would begin to grow in our Forum as well.

There is not crime worse than treason. Therefore, there should be no punishment that is considered "to harsh". Trust me, there are facts about this man that, because of the Laws about Muns' involvement in RhyDin, I cannot reveal, but believe me, this man is the purest of evil, and he will stop at nothing to destroy us. Now, he is weak. Now is the time we must strike.

Submit your votes, please. Time is off the essence.

~President Psi

Subj: The current polls / Recruit-Off Contest
Date: 6/1/98 10:19:41 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

Although the Overkill Ban was passed, votes continue to come in. Just in case anyone is curious, out of the 55 GCs that have
voted, only 3 were against the Ban.

Section 1 is still under debate, however. Currently, 29 GCs have voted in favor of this change, acknowledging that it is needed.  As of yet, only 3 GCs have voted in opposition of Section 1.

As always, if you have a valid opinion that you want the other GCs to read, send me that opinion, and I will forward it to the other GCs (unedited). The reason I am BCCing these debates is simple. With a situation as delicate and contriversial as this, the debates could quickly turn into a mail storm, which is certainly an unwanted occurance.

Also, I am drafting both Section 2 (the part that deals with the elimination of XP Fraud and cheating) and the details of the Overkill Ban at this time.

And now for the second order of business. The last few days have been a lot of hard work, and I thought that perhaps a little contest might provide a much needed break from these debates.

I am instituting a Recruit-Off. For those of you who have never been involved in this contest, here are the two aspects.
Member Recruit-Off:
In this portion of the contest, Guild Members compete against their fellow Members. The goal is to recruit more members into your Guild than anyone else. Each person you recruit, of course, is worth 3 XPs. Also, there will be XP prizes for the top recruiters in each Guild (the specifics of the awards will be announced as the end of the contest draws near).

Guild Recruit-Off:
In this portion of the test, UAC Members (citizens, GCs, everyone) compete against their fellow Members. The goal is to recruit more Guilds into the UAC than anyone else. Each Guild you recruit, of course, is worth 3xMembers XPs (I give you the XPs from Guild Recruiting when I notice your name on the Application under 'Question 6: Recruiter SN'). Also, there will be large XP prizes for the top recruiters in the UAC (the specifics of the awards will be announced as the end of the contest draws near).

Note: You get the 3 XPs/3xMembers XPs whenever you recruit. The prizes, however, only occur during a Recruit-Off.

These two contests begin now. They will end in approx. a week and a half (the exact date will be given at another time). GCs, please keep track of the Members Recruit-Off. I will keep a record of the Guild Recruit-off.

Thank you, and good luck.

~President Psi

Subj: Modification to Section 1
Date: 6/1/98 7:53:07 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

Section 1 continues to win by a vast majority. However, the few Congressmen who disagreed did bring up some legitimate points and concearns, and after considering their ideas, I'm changing two things.

First of all, instead of 500 XPs per/Level, it will be 400 XPs.

Secondly, because throwing everyone back to the early 2d20's would be an underserved punishment, I am making this new condition. If Section 1 is passed (which it almost definetly will be), everyone will double their XPs. For example, if you're sitting at 2,000 XPs when the vote is passed, for example, then you multiply your XP total by two, making it 4,000 XPs. This is a one-time thing. This way, when the changes do occur, the honest member of the UAC won't be set back quite as far.

Now then, please continue to vote about Section 1. If you've already voted, and these two items change your mind, then please send me an email entitled "Change Vote". In it, tell me what your new vote is.

Thank you, and stand by for more information, including the details of the Ban (Note: Section 1 is NOT the Overkill Ban...
Section 1 is the XP difficulty increase).

~President Psi

Subj: The Polls so far
Date: 5/31/98 9:47:45 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

The first vote on the table right now is the "Ban/Protest Overkill Dice" issue. So far, 41 members of Congress have voted to institute the ban. 3 members have rejected the ban, and do not want it put into place. While there are still hundreds of Congressmen and Congresswomen who haven't voted on this issue yet, I believe that it is very clear what the outcome will be. Unless anyone objects, I am ending the Ban vote and pronouncing it a success. -- You will recieve details on the ban soon.

The second vote on the table, at the moment, is the "Section 1" issue. So far, 13 members of Congress have voted in favor, and in support, of Section 1. Surprisingly, only one member of Congress, as of yet, believes that we should stay at the current 50 XPs per/Level plan. This vote is still in progress, so please continue to submit your ideas, opinions, remarks, and, of course, your votes.

~President Psi

Subj: Paychecks, Massive Change, UGC, Overkill
Date: 5/31/98 5:12:48 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

Some important information:

1.) Today is Sunday, the day to turn in your Updates for a Paycheck. In addition, if, during my absence, your Updates went unpaid, then email me, tell me the number of members you have now, as well as the number of weeks I've missed, and you'll recieve a refund, plus a 50 XP delay fee.

2.) Section 1 of the Massive Change has been approved by 7 voters, and rejected by 1 voter (so far). Now, there are some things I'd like to point out about this Section before the voting continues:

a.) Section 1 will not result in a massive amounts of SMs and DMs. There will be more, of course, but not a drastic increase. That is because I am currently working on a list of different ways to get XPs, besides fighting.

b.) What is more important? The greatest good for the greatest number? Or the greatest good for the selfish? In my mind, what is best for the Forum must be accomplished, even if it means a little personal sacrifice. And that's what is is. A little sacrifice. Sure, you'll be set back, but only temporarily. If you're worried about a loss of pride by having low dice, then that's just all the more incentive to work on improving them. And besides, there isn't a lot of pride in selfishness.

c.) Section 1 is basically the only section that is harsh, so don't be afraid that all of the massive changes will be like this!

3.) A few days ago, I warned the Leader of the UGC, AmiContani, of a revolt that was about to take place within her Forum. She was surprised, and wished to meet with me. She admitted that most of the hate between the UGC and the UAC was caused by the UGC's origonal Leader and his disrespect towards us.

This morning, Ami and I met for an hour and discussed, mainly, Overkill Dice. She has told me that if the UAC improves our XP System (ironically, the ideas she had were the same ones that I started working on yesterday!), she would propose (and fight for) a law that would convert the UGC to the 2d50 scale. Yes, I am serious. The UGC, if the law was passed, would no longer use 4d, or even 3d. Their maximum dice would become 2d50.

I feel saddened that the origonal Leader of the UGC held so much contempt for us. As it turns out, perhaps the UGC isn't a bad Forum after all. Perhaps it's not to late to end this Cold War, and move on to times of peace, and possibly even alliance.

4.) Speaking of Overkill Dice, the current vote is 36 in favor of a ban, and 3 against the ban.

I felt these pieces of information were important, and neccisary, for you to know in order for you to vote on Section 1. That is all for now. Thank you.

~President Psi

Subj: A massive change is needed
Date: 5/31/98 2:31:24 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

I propose, at this time, to re-write the 1st Amendment (the XP System). There are many things wrong with our Forum, and I'll admit that. First of all, our dice are easy to get. Secondly, there are really no laws in place designed to prevent people from cheating and giving themselves more XPs than they deserve.

The laws I'm preposing will be harsh, and will change the way we live our lives. However, this laws are being put in place for the sake of honesty, a cause I should hope all of you will support!

Section 1:

Based on the surveys I've taken over the last two months, and based on the meetings I've shared with various Forum heads, it appears that the reason people love Overkill Dice is that achieving them is a great honor. In systems were achieving max dice is extremely hard, such as in the UGC, people who manage to get the higher dice are respected for their accomplishments. People don't crave the power of massive dice - they crave the respect those dice bring. That is the truth of the matter.

You can get the same respect from achieving 2d50 as you would from achieving 4d90. If we can make our dice more of a challenge to get, then we are giving the people what they want. Respect.

I believe that the best thing for this Forum is, not to raise it's dice, but to do the next best thing. Our dice must be made harder to achieve. The rate of 50 XPs per/level is not really a challenge. Fight for two weeks, and voila, 2d50.

50 XPs is too low. How about adding another '0'?

The XP awards will also be changed, to an extent. They will be increased by an additional 50% (rounded up). Paychecks will be 3xMembers, instead of 2xMembers. Recruiting a person into a UAC Guild will now be worth 5 XPs instead of 3 XPs. Recruiting a Guild into the UAC will now be worth 5xMembers, rather than the current 3xMembers.

As for Battle XPs, those will also be adjusted with an extra 50% (rounded up). Losing a fight will be worth 2 XPs, rather than 1 XP. Spars, etc., will be worth 3xMargin-of-Win, rather than 2xMargin-of-Win. And so on and so forth.

The new XP/Dice chart is as follows:

2d20= 0 XPs
2d21= 500 XPs.
2d22= 1,000 XPs.
2d23= 1,500 XPs.
2d24= 2,000 XPs.
2d25= 2,500 XPs.
2d26= 3,000 XPs.
2d27= 3,500 XPs.
2d28= 4,000 XPs.
2d29= 4,500 XPs.
2d30= 5,000 XPs.
2d31= 5,500 XPs.
2d32= 6,000 XPs.
2d33= 6,500 XPs.
2d34= 7,000 XPs.
2d35= 7,500XPs.
2d36= 8,000 XPs.
2d37= 8,500 XPs.
2d38= 9,000 XPs.
2d39= 9,500 XPs.
2d40= 10,000 XPs.
2d41= 10,500 XPs.
2d42= 11,000 XPs.
2d43= 11,500 XPs.
2d44= 12,000 XPs.
2d45= 12,500 XPs.
2d46= 13,000 XPs.
2d47= 13,500 XPs.
2d48= 14,000 XPs.
2d49= 14,500 XPs.
2d50= 15,000 XPs.

(This concept is massive and complex, and cannot be fit in one email. -- To be continued in the next email. Please hold your replies until you've read all the emails on this topic. Thank you.)

Subj: Massive Change - Part 2
Date: 5/31/98 2:57:45 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

(Continued from previous letter)

Now, this new chart does not just affect new UAC members... it affects everyone. If you have 2,000 XPs at the moment, then you're well over 2d50. However, if this new plan is passed, then your dice are now 2d24.

That's right. This plan stings and hurts. I don't expect it to be popular. It'll make people suffer for a while. I know that. Hey, I'm willing to accept the fact that my dice will be lowered to 2d26 (3,328 XPs). I'm willing to accept that because I know that my sacrifice means something. I know that, because I'm forced to work like crazy to try and get 2d50 again, I'm making our Forum better, more rational, and more honest.

And that's what it's all about, isn't it? People join Forums to become part of something bigger; part of something better. People join Forums to gain power, respect, and honor. If I can't deliver those things, then I'm a failure as a President. Deep down, in your hearts, you know that this system will improve the UAC. Our dice are easy to get, and that makes us no better than the newbie Forums that hand out 7d100. We can change, though. Deep down, in your hearts, you know that this plan is what's best for us. It will improve our standing in RhyDin, raising up reputation and respect. It will make us truely proud of our
accomplishments, and it will give us goals that are worth achieving. Putting all the benifits aside, look at it moraly. We have the duty to undergo this change. This is the RIGHT choice.

I know it won't be fun walking around with 2d24s again, but it's only temporary, and it's worth the sacrifice. Any shame that might come from small dice is NOTHING compared to the pride of doing what is right and what is just.

Before we move onto Section 2 (that part of this plan that deals with XP Fraud, the ease of cheating with your XPs, etc.), I'm calling on a vote for Section 1.

I thank you.

~President Psi

Subj: UAC Reborn! Improvements finally to come!
Date: 5/30/98 8:36:54 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

Before the UAC, RhyDin was a different place. It was the UAC that first revolutionized RhyDin, introducing such concepts as the XP/EXP system to Online Roleplaying. The UAC was origonal, different, and unique. Soon after the UAC's successful revolution against the RWC, Forums began to spring up left and right. Each of them created their own systems, but each of them based their systems on the UAC.

For a very long time, the UAC was #1. However, with all the Forums so closely related, these days it is hard to tell who is the best, and who isn't.

Two months ago, as I was working on a covert operation under another SN (I cannot reveal the target as of yet, but you will know soon enough), I ran into a member of the UAC in a room. I pretended that I was a Guild Leader, and that I was interested in joining the UAC. I began asking him questions, and as we chatted about the UAC, he told me what he thought the downsides and upsides were. Some of his opinions I've heard expressed before, but some where new to me. Soon, I was "accidently" bumping into various UAC Members and UAC Congressmen, interviewing them; learning.

I learned much, and soon, I began making plans, preparing to improve the UAC. Soon, everything will begin to change, and I do mean everything: our legislature, the structure of our Government, our way of life, and even our roll in RhyDin.

Now, is the time. The UAC is about to be reborn, and RhyDin with it! The UAC revolutionized RhyDin once before, and we are about to do it again!

The first thing we must do is rewrite the UAC Guide. Existing laws will start to change, and new Amendments will be added. And when you vote for the new laws, you will be helping to shape the future of RhyDin.

The first law I'd like to change is one that almost everybody I've spoken to is in favor of. For a long time, I've watched dice grow rediciously high. These days, an orphan rolls 4d90. Tell me, how WRONG is that? Why this sudden need for overkill? Why this sudden need to do 30 points of damage when you slap someone? The UAC has stood firm, our maximum dice being 2d50. I've spent weeks pondering this issue, and I believe I've come to a discission.

I am proposing a ban on Overkill Dice.

I'm tired of newbies running around, waving 4d100! I'm tired of how immature RhyDin is getting! I'm tired of these Overkill Dice! If the Ban Law is voted in, UAC members will no longer be able to use dice higher than 2d50. At the same time, UAC members will not be able to be hurt by Overkill Dice. There is simply NO NEED for dice that allow you to fatally wound someone by pulling out a strand of their hair! The only way to sober up RhyDin is to make an official stand against Overkill Dice. We must protest Guilds and Forums that grant Overkill Dice, and that is what I intend to do.

Reply to this email to cast your vote on banning these Dice. Also, please stand by while other laws are proposed. The next few weeks will be a lot of hard work, but after that, I'm sure the rewards will be great.

Although my absence was for a good cause, emails went unanswered, paychecks went unpaid, and files went without update. Although my aids continue to accept applications (and we've had a lot of applications!), our mailing string might have a few errors in it.

Please talk to your friends. If you know a UAC GC that didn't recieve this email, have them email me and they'll be put back on the list. If, for whatever reason, you aren't a GC anymore, email me, tell my who replaced you, etc. The faster we get the string in order, the faster we can begin our work to improve RhyDin. I apologize for not notifying you, but then again, if you knew that I was going to be under other SNs, interviewing UAC members, your answers might have been different. Secrecy was essential.

Again, please stand by for further emails.

~President Psi

Subj: Update on the Overkill Ban
Date: 5/31/98 1:31:05 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From: PsionicVmp
BCC: LadyCirae

Dear Congress,

So far, the vote to ban Overkill Dice has 29 in favor, and 3 against. Although there are still hundreds of GCs who haven't voted yet, I think we can predict the outcome already. The vote is still active, however, and please continue to send in your replies.

Wake up. These dice are ridiculous, and unless something is done, they'll get stupider and stupider. Read the profile of BondyBond, for example. BondyBond's character is 5 and a half weeks old. Isn't that cute... a tiny little infant. This newborn, however, rolls 3d40, and AAs often! Now, isn't that a tad strange? This character, who doesn't even have teeth yet, has somehow managed to become a better fighter than me, the President of one of the top Forums!

Take a step back, and put a little thought into the Overkill issue. It's obvious what must be done.

Within the next half hour, I will be sending out an email that discusses one of the massive changes that the UAC will require.
Please standby.

~President Psi

The Official Guide to the UAC

-Version 1.9

Table of Contents:

1.) Application to the UAC
2.) Constitution of the UAC
3.) 1st Amendment: The XP System
4.) 2nd Amendment: Democracy
5.) 3rd Amendment: Warfare
6.) 4th Amendment:  Alliances
7.) 5th Amendment:  Battles

Application to the UAC
UAC Application

Constitution of the UAC

The Basic Rules and Policies of the United Affairs Council

1.) You shall ignore the UGC.
2.) You shall place the short phrase Rebel of RhyDin in your profile.
3.) You shall swear alligence to the UAC and further it's cause by doing such things as recruiting Guilds into the UAC (sending people this document) and serving your Guild and the UAC to the best of your ability by fullfilling missions assigned to you by your Guild Leader or the President.
4.) You shall obey all rules presented by the UAC and bring any problems, or ideas for improvement, that you notice to your Guild Leader's attention, who will send them to the President.
5.) DMs (Death Matches), SMs (Slave Matches), HMs (Honor Matches), or just plain Spars do not require a log or a proctor to be legal or binding, as they do elsewhere. Logs are extreamly easy to forge. As for proctors, why do you need someone to tell you that you lost or won, when you can simply look at the score?
6.) There are no assassinations, such as by method of the AA (Assassination Attempt) Dagger, because hypotheticly, one man could kill 300 people a day, and in the opinion of UAC, this is hardly keeping within the spirit of RPGing.   Assassins must now resort to DMs to kill.
7.) It is custom that anyone who runs away from a DM erases their Screen Name. An alternative is to cease roleplaying under that Screen Name. A combatant that leaves a fight after both combatants have rolled initiative (init) is considered to have lost the fight. If one combatent is punted (their computer freezes, and they are logged off), they are not considered to have run away, and the DM will continue.
8.) It is custom that anyone who looses a DM erases their Screen Name, unless the winning combatant decides otherwise. If a SM is lost, or a person agrees to be a slave, that person is a slave until willingly released by their master, whether or not it be the person who enslaved them or not (meaning that slaves can be passed from person to person). Please note that everything stated in this rule is used by all Guilds and Councils throughout all of RhyDin.
9.) Slaves can't complain about what their masters tell them to do (as long as their masters aren't telling them to violate TOS), as the slave should have thought about that before becomming a slave or accepting the SM.
10.) All members, whether they are part of a UAC Guild or are just a Citizen of UAC, must use the command line //roll-sides 20-dice2 when fighting. They only way to get better dice is to gain enough XPs (See: 1st Amendment: The XP System). If your dice are 2d21, you will then use //roll-sides 21-dice2. When your dice reach 2d22, you will use the dice command, //roll-sides 22-dice2, etc., all the way up to 2d50, in which case you will use //roll-sides 50-dice2 to roll.

1st Amendment: The XP System

XPs have one main function, and that is to raise your dice. Please note: If you are not in a UAC Guild, or you are not a legal UAC Citizen (A UAC Citizen is someone who is not in a Guild, but still wants to use the UAC's rules, policies, and systems. To become a UAC Citizen, you must email the President and ask permission.), you may not have XPs, and may not use the UAC's XP System or dice.

1.) In a UAC Guild, your dice can be anywhere from 2d20 to 2d50. Each Guild can not have it's own dice system. Instead, all UAC Guilds use the XP System.
2.) When you are fighting, you roll dice to see how many hits you made. This is standard throughout all of RhyDin. Here is the Hit-Chart for our dice:

Your roll = How Many Hits You Got
01-14 = 0 hits
15-19 = 1 hit
20-26 = 2 hits
27-33 = 3 hits
34-40 = 4 hits
41-47 = 5 hits
48-50 = 6 hits

3.) If you win a Spar or Honor Match by 5 points, for example (let's say that the final score at the end of the fight was 15 -10), you'd get 10 XPs (2 times the number of points you won by). If you win a Slave Match by 5 points, for example, you get 20 XPs (4 times the number of points you won by). If you win a Death Match by 5 points, for example, you will get 30 XPs, (6 times the number of points you won by). XP rewards are explained in detail in the 5th amendment: Battles.
4.) Everytime you reach a multiple of 50 XPs (50 XPs, 100 XPs, 150 XPs, 200 XP, etc., up to 1,500 XPs), your dice move up one level. Everyone starts with 2d20 (0 XPs). When you get 50 XPs, your dice become 2d21. When you get 100 XPs, your dice become 2d22. The maximum you can get, as stated above, is 2d50, and that's at 1,500 XPs.
5.) If you loose a fight, you get 1 XP. It doesn't matter how close you where to winning or what kind of fight it was. You just get 1 XP.

6.) When you get XPs from fighting, you give the correct amount of XPs to yourself; your Guild Leader doesn't give them to you. Usually, the only time your Guild Leader gives you XPs is on Sundays (See: Below).
7.)  If you are in more than one Guild that uses the XP System (another UAC Guild), then you add up all your XPs. For example, if you earned 56 XPs in one Guild, and 4 XPs in another Guild, then you have 60 XPs in both Guilds. In otherwords, you have the same dice in both Guilds. XPs don't depend on how many Guilds you are in like RPs do. XPs only depend on how much you fight, etc. Therefore, you could be in 5 Guilds, and could have earned only 10 XPs from each Guild, but you would still be rolling 2d21 in each Guild, because you have 50 XPs (5 X 10 = 50). Also, unlike RWC's RPs, XPs do not depend on your rank. You could be a General, and be rolling 2d20, or you could be a Private, and be rolling 2d50. Just because you are a General doesn't mean that you automaticaly get to roll 2d32, like you do in an RWC guild.
8.) When you recruit someone into a UAC Guild, and that person replies (sends the Guild Leader the filled-in application), you get 3 XPs. You give this to yourself, just like XPs from Sparing. So, when you send out applications, make sure you tell them to send the reply to both the Guild Leader and you, so you can see if they join, in which case you can give yourself the 3 XPs. You can also get XPs for recruiting a Guild into the UAC. If you send this document to someone, and they reply by clicking on the Application Link and applying, then the office of the President will email you 3 times the number of XPs as that Guild has members. When you recruit a Guild into the UAC, you do not give the XPs to yourself. For example, if you bring a Guild with 15 people into the UAC, the office of the President will see your name in the Application, under question number 6, and he will send you 45 XPs.
9.) You can pay people in XPs. For example, if you hire a person to spy for you, or if you want to buy a slave, etc., you can pay the person in XPs. You loose the sum of XPs you give that person, and the reciever gains them. In this sense, you can also be given XPs by another person. Also, you can give XPs as gifts to people, as long as you remember to subtract the number of XPs you gave from your total.
10.) If you were in the RWC before you joined the UAC, you don't have to loose your RPs. 1 RP is worth 15 XPs. However, this does not work both ways. If you leave the UAC, your XPs are lost, and cannot be converted into RPs or any other kind of Dice Points. XPs cannot be converted into any other kind of Point in the first place. For example, you can't convert 30 XPs to gain 2 RPs. However, as stated above, you can convert 2 RPs into 30 XPs. In addition, the UAC has a similar exchange rate with RGF. If you wish to leave RGF and join the UAC, you may trade in your EXPs for XPs. 8 RGF EXPS are worth 1 UAC XP. Again, this does not work both ways.

Note to all Guild Leaders:

Every Sunday, you should email an Update to the President (PsionicVmp). Your Guild will get it's weekly paycheck of XPs only after this Update is recieved by the President. It consists of two questions:

1.) Guild Leader
2.) Compleate Member Count, including the Leader (a roster is not needed)

If your Guild has 50 members, for example, and you send in an Update, your guild will recieve 100 XPs. Each member in the Guild does not gain 100 XPs. Instead, the 100 XPs can be divided between the Guild Leader and the members of the Guild however the Leader wishes. The Leader can even keep all the XPs for himself/herself, if he/she wishes. In addition, some people have been confused in the past by these XP Paychecks. The following is a clarification: For example, if one of your Guild members wins a Spar by 3 points, which is worth 6 XPs (See: Above), you don't pay them with the XPs from the Paycheck. The 6 XPs are simply added to the member's total by him/herself. However, some XPs from Paychecks can be used as rewards in tournaments, or to issue bounties, etc. Although, if you've distributed all the XPs in the Paychecks, then you must use XPs from your own pocket (the XPs you have) for rewards or bounties, etc. The only time someone can automaticaly gain XPs is when they fight, or recruit for a Guild. Paychecks can only be issued by the President.

2nd Amendment: Democracy

UAC President

1.) The President of the UAC is much like the President of the USA, except he is permanent. (Many people could argue that this means that the UAC is a Monarchy, instead of a Democracy, because you cannot vote for who you want to be President. Keep in mind that every other aspect of the UAC is based on a Democracy. Also, no one forces you to join the UAC. If you join the UAC, that is your way of voting for the President.) The President also cannot be inpeached.
2.) The President can send troops and start hostilities with other Guilds or Councils, but cannot declare war, or peace.
3.) If the Congress passes a new rule or Amendment, the President can choose to either pass it, or to veto it.
4.) The President precides over both the Congress and the Supreame Court.
5.) The President precides over the UAC, and can do anything he wants, if that thing is not already a power of another group, such as the Congress or the Supreame Court.
6.) He can veto any action of the UAC that he wishes.
7.) He can pardon or reprieve any prisoner, and has final word in the punishment of a prisoner.
8.) Elects Judges.
9.) The President can forbid a Guild, or person, from joining the UAC, but he cannot expel them.

UAC Congress

1.) Each Guild gets one Congressman/woman, and that is the Leader of the Guild.
2.) When an Amendment, bill, revision, etc., is proposed, the Congress votes. Each member gets 1 vote. (Please note: if a Guild has 2 Leaders, both of them are in the Congress. However, they can't both vote. Therefore, they should discuss the issue between themselves, and then choose 1 representative to vote. Furthermore, if one person leads 5 Guilds, he doesn't get 5 votes; he still gets 1.) They can either vote yes, vote no, or vote neutral (does not care either way). If the proposed item wins by a majority, then the bill is handed to the President. If the proposed item gets less than a majority, the bill dies right there and cannot be proposed again until it is modified, or until 1 month passes.
3.) If the President vetos a bill, the Congress can still pass it. If the bill gets a 4/5 majority vote after the President vetos it, the bill is passed into law and the President cannot veto it again until 1 month passes. If he choose to veto it again, this process repeats. However this time, the Congress must wait a month before they can re-pass it. The Congress can choose to forget the law at any time.
4.) The Congress can stop anything the President is doing with a 9/10 majority vote.
5.) The members of the Congress are the direct advisors to the President.
6.) Congressmen/women can create bills, Amendments, or propose revisions, although they must be sent to the President so that he can propose it to the Congress.
7.) If the President starts a battle with another Guild or Council, after 1 week's time the Congress can vote to end the war. If the Congress gets a 4/5 vote, the hostilities are ended. The President gets to vote along with the Congress, as he is a Guild Leader.
8.) The President can deploy troops and start combat, but only the Congress can officialy declare war, or peace. A majority vote is needed to declare war or to declare peace. The President gets to vote along with the Congress, as he is a Guild Leader.
9.) The Congress has the power to remove a Guild from the UAC. If the Congress has a good reason, they can notify the President and he will call for a vote, if he decides there is a valid reason. If a majority of the of the Congress votes against the Guild (if the President calls for a vote), the Guild is removed from the the UAC, and all it's members loose their XPs (A member of an Exiled Guild cannot give away his XPs as gifts. The XPs simply vanish.). If a member of this exiled Guild is in another UAC Guild, they do not loose their XPs, because they will still have those XPs in their other Guild (See: 1st Amendment: The XP System: Section 7). The President can vote along with the Congress, as he is a Guild Leader. The exiled Guild can still re-apply for membership, at which point the President can choose to re-admit them, or deny them re-enterance. The Guild Leader can try to regain his/her Guild's membership once a day. If a Guild does regain it's membership, the President can decide whether to grant them all their XPs back, to only give them a fraction of their XPs back, or to force them to start all over, with each member having 0 XPs (Unless, once again, a member is in another UAC Guild, in which case he/she automaticaly has all his/her XPs in the un-exiled Guild).

UAC Supreame Court

1.) If there is a dispute, someone commits treason, etc., then the case goes to the Supreame Court.
2.) The 12 Judges who make up the Supreame Court are appointed by the President, and stay in office for life, or until the President has a valid reason to dismiss them. If the President wishes to dismiss a Judge he must contact the Congress, and give them his reasons, as well as forward the Judge's defense(s) to the accusation. If the Congress votes majority against the Judge, the President is granted the power to dismiss the Judge. The President votes along with the Congress, as he is a Guild Leader. The Judge is not exiled from the UAC, and keeps all his/her XPs. However, once a Judge is fired, the other Judges can ask the President to call for a vote, and if the President grants the vote, then they may exile the ex-Judge (See: Section 5)
3.) The Judges act as the jury, and after the trial is over, they deliberate for as long as they wish, and then they vote. Majority wins. At that time, a guilty or not-guilty verdict is reached.
4.) If the verdict is one of guilty, then the Judges choose a punishment. At this time, the President can pardon or repreive the prisoner. He can also deny the punishment, if he thinks it is unfit. If he does, the Judges must choose another punishment, or try again with the old one in hopes that the President will change his mind.
5.) As the Congress has the power to remove a Guild from the UAC, the Supreame Court has the power to remove a person from the UAC. If they want to use this power against a person, they notify the President. After considering their reasons, and the defense(s) the person in question gives (The President will tell the person that he/she has a chance of being Exiled, and the President will wait for the person's defense(s) to the accusations for a reasonable amount of time.), he can discide to call for a vote. If he does, then the Supreame Court votes. If a majority decide to remove the person from the UAC, then that person must leave ALL UAC Guilds he/she is in, and may never rejoin a UAC Guild ever again, unless the President decides to pardon him/her. In the case, the person does lose all of his/her XPs, because he/she is no longer a member of the UAC. The person can not give away their XPs, they simply vanish. A list of all Exiled people is kept on the UAC Web Pages, and Guild Leaders are encouraged to check this list often, to make sure that this exiled man/woman is not in their guild.
6.) The person on trial can choose a lawyer to represent him/her, as can the victim. The trial is conducted much like trials in the United States of America. Here is the order of events in a trial:
A.) The President decides whether or not the case goes to trial.
B.) The Prosicution gives it's opening statement.
C.) The Defense gives it's opening statement.
D.) The Prosicution calls a witness to the stand, and/or presents a piece of evidence.
E.) The Defense cross-examines the witness if the Defense wishes. Both sides take turns until both sides are satisfied.
F.) The Prosicution can re-direct a witness if it is so wished. Then, the Prosicution calls it's next witness, and/or presents more evidence. Steps D, E, and F are repeated until the Prosiction rests.
G.) The Case is turned over the the Defense, and steps D, E, and F are repeated, except the Defense and the Prosicution switch.
H.) The Prosicution gives it's closing statement.
I.) The Defense gives it's closing statement.
J.) Judges deliberate.
K. ) Judges vote.
L. ) If the verdict is guilty, the Judges discuss punishment with the President, until both sides agree on one. If the verdict is not-guilty, then the trial ends here, on step L.
M.) The punishment is carried out. (Only a member of the UAC can be punished, although other people can still be brought to trial. A member who commited a crime, then later left the UAC, can still be punished.) This punishment can be anywhere from an XP fine all the way to death (deletion of the Screen Name). The criminal can try to negotiate, but if he/she stubernly refuses the punishment he/she is given, the person is added to the Wimp List (also on the UAC Web Pages), and all members of the UAC will be advised not to associate with him/her. If someone finaly agrees to the punishment, they will, of course, be removed from the Wimp List.
7.) Judges are payed a weekly salery of 10 XPs.

3rd Amendment: Warfare


If a Guild so wishes, it can become Non-Combative. In order to do this, the Guild Leader must contact the President. A Guild cannot become Non-Combative if a war is currently being declared on them, or if they are currently in a war. Non-Combative Guilds cannot fight in wars, and cannot have war declared on them. A Non-Combative Guild can still fight in Mock Wars or in Tournaments.

Becoming Combative Again:

If your Guild wishes to become Combative (please note: when your Guild joins the UAC it is automaticaly Combative) after being Non-Combative, you must again contact the President. However, you cannot declare war, join a war in progress, or have war declared on you, for 2 days after you become Combative again.

Declaring War:

In order for a UAC Guild to declare war, the President (PsionicVmp) must be notified. As you can see, only a few things are needed.
1.) Attacking Guild's Full Name
2.) Attacking Leader's Screen Name
3.) Target Guild's Full Name
4.) Target Leader's Screen Name

If the attacker has friendly Guilds that will be joining the war on his/her side, then the attacker needs to add those names to the notification email to the President.

A1.) 1st Friendly Guild's Full Name
A2.) 1st Friendly Leader's Screen Name
B1.) 2nd Friendly Guild's Full Name
B2.) 2nd Friendly Leader's Screen Name, etc.

Here is an example notification to the President.

To: PsionicVmp
Subject: War Notification

1.) Killers of Good
2.) MeanMan666
3.) Brotherhood of Nice Dudes
4.) XKindSoulX
A1.) Ugly Ogres of RhyDin
A2.) Bob7023854
B1.) Really Really Evil Knights of Death
B2.) DemonicXvX
C1.) Mercinaries of Magic
C2.) Sith22Sith

When the President recieves this email, he will send an email to the Guild Leader that is about to be attacked. At this time, the target Guild will send in it's email, which is much shorter. All the target Leader has to do is send in his/her allies' information. Here is an example.

To: PsionicVmp
Subject: Defense Notification

A1.) Holy Angels of the Sun
A2.) JelloLover

(Please Note: When writing this portion of the 3rd Amendment: Warfare, the President tried to create Screen Names and Guild Names that were not in use. If he accidently used your Screen Name, and/or the name of your Guild, please notify him, and he will remove your name from this example.)

As you can see, there are 6 Guilds involved in this (example) conflict. The President will then send an email to each of the 6 Leaders. In this email, he will ask the Guild Leader for a roster. (Keep the roster simple Don't have it split into Legions or by ranks, etc. Just make an alphabetical list of all your members, including you, and have their UAC XP Dice displayed next to their name.) After the Guild Leader replies, no more members can be recruited into his/her Guild until after the war ends. Once the President has these 6 replies, he will send out an email, addressed to all 6 Guild Leaders. It will contain the names of the 6 Guilds, names of the 6 Leaders, and the 6 Rosters. Once this email is sent out, the war begins. The Leaders most forward this list to all their members.

Extra Guilds:

The 2 main Leaders can call in allies at any time they wish, but in order for an ally to join the war, the Leader of the ally Guild must send the President his/her Guild's Name, and Roster. The President will then send out another email to all (in this case) 7 leaders, with the expanded list. Each side can only call in an additional 2 Guilds after the war has started.

Rules of a Battle:

When two people fight eachother in a war, it is called a WM, or War Match. A WM can only be fought during a war. WMs is always fought to 12 points, and if you were second to attack (your opponent beat you in the "init. roll"), you are intitled to a "last hit", in which you have a chance to tie or beat your oppenent if he/she reaches 12 points before you do. A WM is conducted the same as an everyday Spar. No proctor, no logs, etc. However, the only difference is that when one soldier challenges another, they must both tell eachother what their dice are. These dice are your everyday dice, which depend on your XPs (See: 1st Amendment: The XP System). You never have to fight in a WM, but you are encouraged to. No one wants a war to last for months.

Loosing a War Match:

The looser of a battle is "dead". However, the looser does not have to deleate his/her Screen Name like they do in a DM (Death Match). This "death" just means that you cannot fight in WM's until after the war is over, and nothing more. The instant that someone looses a WM, he/she must email the President, PsionicVmp. In this email, the "dead" soldier simply needs to state what Guild he/she belongs to, who their Leader is, and that they lost a WM. If a looser of a WM does not email the President within 1 day of his/her loss, the person will be fined 100 XPs. Each day of delay is another 100 XPs. Eventually, the person will probably have to borrow XPs just to pay the fine. The President will frequently send out updated lists to the Guild Leaders. These lists are identical to the one sent out which marked the begining of the war, except that "dead" soldiers' names will be grey instead of black. Anyone who's name is written in grey, instead of black, are out of the war. The Guild Leaders must forward these updated lists to all their members as soon as they get them. When you loose a WM, you get 5 XPs.

Please Note: Loosing a WM is not the end of the world. If you do loose, please contact the President. If you think you can get away without notifying the President, you might be wrong. When the President sends out the updated lists to the Guilds Leaders, and when the Guild Leaders forward these lists the their members, you are encouraged to scan the lists for the names of the person (people) that you "killed". If they're name is not grey on the the next list, relax. However, if the a person's name is still not grey on the second list that is sent out after your battle, then you should email the President and tell him.

Winning a Battle:

If you win a WM, you give yourself 5 times the amount of points you won by. For example, if the ending score was 13-10, you gain 15 XPs (3 X 5 = 15). Etc.

Winning a War:

One side wins a war either when all the enemies are "killed", or if the other side surrenders. If one of the 2 main Leaders wishes to surrender, they must email the President for it to be official. In either case, when one side wins the war, the President officialy ends it. Each "living" soldier on the winning side gains 8 more XPs at the end of the war, and "dead" ones gain 4 additional XPs. In addition to this, the winning Guild(s) and it's (their) Leader(s) will be honored in the next UAC Meeting or Email.

Loosing a War:

Each soldier on the loosing side gains 3 XPs at the end of the war, but if the war ended due to surrender, then the soldiers on the loosing side will gain no extra XPs. These loosing soldiers still gain XPs from the WM(s) they won (if they won any), and the 5 XPs they get when they loose a WM (if they ever fought). However, if the war ended because everyone on one side "died", and you never fought in a single WM during the war, then you do not gain the 3 XPs.

4th Amendment: Alliances

The previous Amendment discussed the policies of warfare. However, RhyDin is not always at war. Most of the time, it is in a state of peace. The purpose of this Amendment is to discribe peace, and more specificaly, peace's most important attribute: alliances.

Purpose of an Alliance:

If you were to look "Alliance" up in the dictionary, you would find out that an alliance means, "A pact of union or confederation between nations". The United Affairs Council is made up different Guilds, Clans, and Kingdoms. These Guilds, Clans, and Kingdoms (they will be refered to as Nations in this Amendment) have different alignments, goals, and methods. Every now and then, two Nations within the UAC whose alignments, goals, and methods are similar will decide to further their power by allying. In all things, there should be some kind of order. Below are the different kinds of alliances you can have, in order from weakest to strongest.


When two Nations form a Treaty, all they are doing showing is that they would like relations to continue in a positive way. Treaties are not binding, and have no significant value. However, two Nations who have a Treaty with one another are more inclined to help eachother than two strager Nations. All the Nations within the UAC automaticly share a Treaty with all the other Nations.


Two Nations that have a Pact with one another see the value of the other's companionship. When you have a Pact with a Nation, you cannot wage war on them. Also, if they go to war, you should help them in that war, most of the time. Pacts are somewhat binding. If you break a Pact, then you (the Leader) are fined 50 XPs (deduct 50 XPs from your total). In addition, if you break a Pact with a Nation, then that Nation will probably become hostile towards you. However, if both Nations want to break the Pact, then neither Leader is fined. If the other Nation refuses to break the Pact, and you don't want to be fined, you can contact the President, and give him your reasons for wanting to break the Pact. If they are valid, he will pardon you and you will not have to pay the fine.


Two Nations in a Brotherhood are extreamly friendly towards one another. If you must remove all spies from a Nation that you have a Brotherhood with, and you can never wage war on them. If your "Brother" Nation goes to war, you must join them. Failing to do so, unless the other Nation forgives you, counts as breaking the Brotherhood. A Brotherhood is as close as two Guilds can get, without merging. A Leader who breaks a Brotherhood is fined 200 XPs, and will find that he most likely has an enemy for life. If both Nations want to break the Brotherhood, both Leaders are still fined, but only for 50 XPs. However, if you want to avoid the fine, you can email the President, and give him your reasons for wanting to break the Brotherhood. However, he mostly likely will not pardon you, unless it is a good reason. If one Leader is pardoned, then he/she can break the Brotherhood, and neither Leader is fined.

Violations of a Brotherhood:

There are ways that you can violate a Brotherhood. For example, if you as spying on your "Brother" Nation, you have violated the Brotherhood. When you Violate a Brotherhood, you must deduct 10 XPs from your total. Three violations are equal to breaking the Brotherhood. So, not only would you have to pay the 30 XPs for the 3 violations, but you would also have to pay the 200 XPs for breaking the Brotherhood.

Forming a Treaty:

As stated above, all UAC Nations automaticly form a treaty with eachother. However, if you've broken a treaty, but later want to regain it, all you need to do is make a verbal agreement with the Leader of the other Nation.

Forming a Pact:
To form a Pact with another Nation, both Leaders need to agree to the Pact through an email.

Forming a Brotherhood:
To form a Brotherhood with another Nation, both Leaders must meet with the President, and then agree to the Brotherhood.

Temporary Alliances:

If your Nation lost a lot of members, you're about to be attacked, etc., you can form a temporary alliance. If you want to form a temporary Pact or Brotherhood, then all you need to do is specify how long you want the Alliance to last. Both Leaders need to agree to a time. Then, they agree to the Alliance as they would if it were a normal Alliance (by email for a Pact or infront of the President for a Brotherhood). When the time runs out, the two Nations loose their Brotherhood with eachother, and their Alliance is reduced to a Treaty. No XPs are fined, unless a Leader breaks the Alliance before the time is up, in which case normal Break-Rules go into affect.

5th Amendment: Battles

The 3rd Amendment: Warfare explained war, and more specificly, the War Match. This Amendment will deal with all the different types of battles you can fight... in times of peace. (Note: Instead of typing 'he/she' over and over again, I've decided to use 'he'. This isn't meant to be discrimination, it simply makes the text flow smoother.)


This is the most basic type of fight 2 people can participate in. A Spar can be fought to any total that the two combatants agree on. The winner gets 2 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 6 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. At the end of a Spar, all injuries are automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required.

Group Spar:

The GS is a spin-off of the Spar. A GS can be fought to any total that the two combatants agree on. The difference between a Spar and a GS is that a GS can have multiple combatents. There can be as many as 6 combatents in a GS a time. Before the GS begins, everyone agrees on how many Points each person will have. If a person is hit by a 17 and a 20, then their point level goes down by 3 points. In a GS, you can attack whoever you want to. The winners get 2 times the amount of XPs than the number of points that they won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 6 XPs.) The loser (the first person to reach "0" points) gets 1 XP. At the end of a GS, all injuries are automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required.

Honor Match:

An HM is almost exactly the same as a Spar. The HM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 2 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 6 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. The only difference is that before the fight begins, both combatants make requests for what they want if they win. A combatant can request that the loser join his Guild, the loser give him 50 XPs, etc. The winner can ask for almost anything, except that he cannot ask for the loser to be his Slave, or that the loser deleate his SN (character death). A combatant's request must be approved by his oppentent. The winner of an HM gets his request(s) fullfilled. At the end of an HM, all injuries are automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required.

Membership Match:

An MM is almost exactly the same as an HM. The MM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 2 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 6 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. The loser of an MM must join the winner's Guild. Several people try such things as being a member for a minute, then quitting. Please note that if you loose a MM, cannot do that. The only way you can leave the Guild is if you are expelled, or if you have a serious reason as to why you want to leave. If one of the Combatants isn't in a Guild, then he gets to place a request (like one does in an HM). At the end of an HM, all injuries are automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required.

Indentured Servant Match:

The ISM resembles an HM, except that the stakes are much higher. The ISM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 4 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 12 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. Before the ISM begins, the two combatants decided how long the enslavement will last. They could decide that it would be as short as a minute, or as long as 20 years! However, when the time is over, the Indentured Servant is automaticly released, no mater what his Master (The owner of the Indentured Servant) says. Even if the Indentured Servant was sold to someone else, he is automaticly released when the time is over. The Master can also release the Indentured Servant before the times is over, if he so wishes. The Master can make the Indentured Servant do anything except one of the following: violate TOS, fight in a Death Match (see: below), or deleate his SN. If someone ran away after Init. was rolled, then he is automaticly an Indentured Servant. However, if they had to leave the fight becase they were punted, his computer was frozen, he had to sign off, etc., then that is not considered running away, and the fight will be continued later. At the end of an ISM, the injuries are not automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required. A witness, however, is required.

Slave Match:

The SM is the stronger version of an ISM. The SM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 4 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 12 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. The main difference between an ISM and a SM is that there is no set time to how long the enslavement will last. The loser is called a Slave. The Slave will remain enslaved until he is released by his Master, whether that be the winner of the SM, or a person that the Slave was sold to. The Master can make the Slave do anything that he wants to, except making the Slave violate TOS. If the Master wishes to exicute his Slave, the Master must contact the President of the UAC and tell him why the exicution should take place. After listening to the arguments of both the Master and the Slave, the President will render his discision. If he agrees to the exicution, in which case the Slave dies (see: Death Match). If he disagrees, the Slave may not be exicuted for the reason the Master wanted the Slave exicuted. However, the Master can always ask the President to reconsider, or try to get the Slave exicuted for another reason. If someone ran away after Init. was rolled, then he is automaticly a Slave. However, if he had to leave the fight becase he was punted, his computer froze, he had to sign off, etc., then that is not considered running away, and the fight will be continued later. At the end of a SM, the injuries are not automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required. A witness, however, is required.

Freedom Match:

The FM is a form of retaliation towards either an ISM, or a SM. The FM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 4 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 12 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. The Master is, of course, not forced to fight a FM. If the Master lost the FM, the Indentured Servant or Slave is free, no matter what. However, if the challenger lost, he will become either an Indentured Servant or a Slave (An Indentured Servant if he was trying to free an Indentured Servant, or a Slave if he was trying to free a Slave). If he was trying to free an Indentured Servant, he will face the full enslavement time that the Indentured Servant had to face (if the Indentured Servant had to be an Indentured Servant for a week, the challenger also has to serve a week). If an Indentured Servant fights a FM with his Master and wins, then he is released. If an Indentured Servant loses, he becomes a Slave. A Slave cannot fight a FM, so he needs to find someone who will fight the FM for him. Although an Indentured Servant can fight for himself, he can still have someone fight the FM for them. If a Master looses a Death Match, all of his Indentured Servants/Slaves go to the winner. If a Master looses a SM, the winner gets all the Indentured Servants/Slaves, plus the ex-master as a slave as well, unless other terms are set. If the Master lost an ISM, then he retains his Indentured Servants/Slaves. If the Master ran away after Init. was rolled, then the Indentured Servant/Slave is released. If a challenger ran away, he becomes an Indentured Servant or a Slave (depending on who he is trying to free). If the challenger was an Indentured Servant and he ran away, he becomes a Slave. However, if someone had to leave the fight becase he was punted, his computer froze, he had to sign off, etc., then that is not considered running away, and the fight will be continued later. At the end of a FM, the injuries are not automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required. A witness, however, is required.

Death Match:

The DM is by far the most dangerous fight someone may participate in. A DM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 6 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 18 XPs.) Unlike the other fights, the loser does not get 1 XP. If someone loses a DM, then he also loses his life. It is custom that his Screen Name (SN) be deleated (an alternative is to simply cease ALL roleplaying under that Screen Name) within 24 Hours of the match, unless the winner agrees to extend the time. Not only that, but the character dies as well. If he wishes to have a new character, the SN and character should be different. Unless the loser gives away his XPs before the 24 hours (or longer) are over, they vanish. It is custom that you are only allowed to tell 1 roleplayer what your new SN will be. If you choose to tell someone, that person is automaticly sworn to silence about it. You can also tell as many non-roleplaying people as you wish (as in people who you met in a Teen Chat room, etc.). If someone has lost a DM, and is currently in the 24 hours-to-live period, then he cannot fight in any kind of battle, except a WM (if there is a war going on) and a Spar. However, the winner of the DM can decide to resurrect the loser anytime within the 24 hour period. If this happens, it is as if a Resurrection Match (see: below) was lost by the killer. (Note: A popular method of gaining XPs is to fight Auto-Resurrection DMs. In these fights, both combatents know full well that the other person will resurrect them if he loses. Therefore, the winner of an Auto-Ressurection fight gets a lot of XPs without risking his life. Auto-Resurrection DMs are illegal in the UAC.) If someone ran away after Init. was rolled, then he is treated as if he lost the DM. However, if he had to leave the fight becase he was punted, his computer froze, he had to sign off, etc., then that is not considered running away, and the fight will be continued later. At the end of a DM, the injuries are obviously not automaticly healed! No logs or proctors are required. A witness, however, is required.

Ghost Match:

The GM is a less dangerous form of the DM. A GM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 4 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 12 XPs.) If you loose a GM, you become a "Ghost". The length of time is determined, and agreed upon, before the GM begins. When you are a Ghost, you cannot take part in any kind of combat... not even a Spar. If someone ran away after Init. was rolled, then he is treated as if he lost the GM. However, if he had to leave the fight becase he was punted, his computer froze, he had to sign off, etc., then that is not considered running away, and the fight will be continued later. At the end of a GM, the injuries are not automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required. A witness, however, is required.

Resurrection Match:

The RM is much like the FM, except that RMs save people from death. The RM can be fought to any total. The winner gets 4 times the amount of XPs than the number of points he won by. (If the final score was 13-10, the winner would get 12 XPs.) The loser gets 1 XP. The killer is, of course, not forced to fight a RM. If the killer lost the RM, the "dead" person would be brought back to life. Please note that if a person's time limit ran out, and they deleated their SN, an RM can no longer be fought to save that person. If the challenger lost, he will become a Ghost. Again, the length of time the person must be a Ghost is determined before the fight. If the killer loses, the DM loser is Resurrected. However, the killer does not become a Ghost. The person who lost the DM cannot fight an RM in an attempt to save himself. If the killer ran away after Init. was rolled, then the DM loser is Resurrected. If a challenger ran away, he becomes a Ghost. However, if someone had to leave the fight becase he was punted, his computer froze, he had to sign off, etc., then that is not considered running away, and the fight will be continued later. At the end of an RM, the injuries are not automaticly healed. No logs or proctors are required. A witness, however, is required.

March 23rd, 1997