UAC Official Roster
Last Updated:  Monday, November 22, 1999 10:51 AM

Current number of UAC Guilds:   43

If a Guild so wishes, it can become Non-Combative. In order to do this,
the Guild Leader must contact the War Chancellor. A Guild cannot become
Non-Combative if a war is currently being declared on them,
or if they are currently in a war. Non-Combative Guilds
cannot fight in wars, and cannot have war declared on them.
A Non-Combative Guild can still fight in Mock Wars or in Tournaments.

If any Non-Combative Guild wishes to become Combative

(please note: when a Guild joins the UAC it is automatically Combative)
after being Non-Combative, it must again contact the War Chancellor.
However, it cannot declare war, join a war in progress,
or have war declared on it for 2 days after it becomes Combative again.

Note:  I am updating the roster, highlighted means the information
has been verified by me (guild sizes may vary) ~ Cirae.

Guild Full Name Acronym Leader Leader Alignment Combat
Mun Date
Entered UAC
# Members
Agents of Dissidents AoD heroes617 - Neutral combative - 17
Angels of the Resurrected Hell AotRH bloodmorbidangel xaraunax Neutral combative 11/09/99 55
Beautiful Intelligent Treacherous
Chick's of Hell
B*I*T*C*H leoperdis ryslynn Neutral combative - 160
Blood Angel Warriors BAW edgevamp13 - Dark combative 08/31/99 3
Coven of the Sacred Moon CotSM shdwroses aire1415 Neutral non-c - 38
Damned Angels Reign of Khaos DARK ladycirae teelacatz Dark non-c 08/26/99 15
Darkest Rebels of Rhydin DRoR dawnfirek lordanduis Neutral combative 11/08/99 8
Dark Carnival Kids DCK aadonvx - Neutral non-c 11/21/99 5
Dark Warriors of the Night DWotN ladyaiyson katnrowan Neutral combative - 22
Empire of Tenebrae EoT raistlino8 wishtenebrae Neutral non-c - 400
Empire of the Lost Realm EotLR - xangelx79 Neutral combative - 22
Frisconian Mafia, The tFM arackchoo - Neutral combative - 8
Great Pickles of Rhydin GPoR peejes2481 - Neutral combative 11/01/99 16
Haven of Lost Souls HoLS teelacatz xdlanax Neutral non-c - 23
Kingdom of Lunar KoL beowulfmwd raistlinO8 Neutral combative - 37
Keepers of the Dark Sword KotDS ldykgtarrw srkgtarrow Neutral combative - 70
Kingdom of Minas-Tirith KoMT drksylasx - Light combative - 56
Kingdom of Nocta KoN kingnocta
Neutral/Dark combative - 190
Kingdom of Sodom, The KoS - drklelia Dark combative - 5
Kingdom of Teshan`Ryh T`R ulifilus - neutral combative - 32
Kingdom of the Forgotten Mist KotFM xvtobiasx - Neutral combative - 35
Knights of the Burning Candle KotBC kizment - Neutral combative - 21
Ladys of Eternal Darkness LoED ldylucsatonica nyterayvyn Dark combative - 45
Legions of the Chaotic Flame LCF x0darklute0x - Dark combative 11/06/99 13
Lightning Riders of Rhydin LRoR lordjadun lordhavic Neutral combative - 13
Lords of Magic LoM raistlino8 wish0821 Neutral combative - 17
Magic Users of Rhydin MUoR gothwmn986 - Neutral combative - 33
Memories Memories dmnrogue dragon2120 Neutral combative 10/01/99 42
Moray's Amazon Tribal Army MATA myramoray - Nuetral combative - 30
Rhydin Guardians of the Night RGotN gothwmn986 bloodmorbidangel Neutral non-c 09/06/99 37
Rogue Squadron of Destruction RSoD chalsydona redfuryone Dark combative - 135
Savage Asylum of Insanity SAoI anesthysia - Dark non-c 11/14/99 5
Shadow Guardians of Destiny SGoD xdarkstorm khorina Neutral combative - 40
Silver Cross of Rhydin SCoR laniyashdw - Neutral combative - 25
Sons of B*I*T*C*Hes SoB tiefiing - Neutral combative - 24
the Garden of Roses tGoR blackrose1978 - Light combative 11/14/99 11
THIEF THIEF xshdwkingx kloudoflight Neutral combative - 20
Touch of Darkness ToD trace610 - Neutral combative - 33
Twisted Hearts of Eternal Darkness THoED snapnnecks - Neutral/Dark non-c - ***
United Council of Warriors UCoW pyroice15 skyler4297 Neutral combative - 94
Voices of Eternal Darkness VoED xdlanax reaverxvx Dark non-c - 43
Wiccan Covenant of Eternal Darkness WCoED emrylfyrestar sleekpanthress
Dark/Neutral combative - 20
WoLfPaCk WoLfPaCk jedi847937 mdmmaster1 Light combative 11/17/99 32